For all bit more customer service needs and service work, our spirit of "all the pursuit of high-quality, high-quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" spirit. To the "meticulous service, reliable product quality" customer service.

He Bei Yuanda Special Purpose Vehicle Group, to continue the continuous improvement and enhance customer satisfaction "and" quality first, the customer first for the survival of the enterprise, after-sales service for the corporate brand of assurance "business philosophy; to" leave satisfaction to the user , leaving himself is not satisfied, "the service concept, that is 365 days, the implementation of" the whole housekeeper 365 "service, that is, in 365 days," the whole housekeeper 365 "service 24 hours a day reception user calls, as long as the user's phone connected to local service hotline, "full butler" service at any time issued by the user demand site service, so that the first user experience to meet customer needs is our duty, when abnormal equipment operation or fault, as long as a phone, the rest of the things we do. provide service requirements, respond immediately send professionals to the scene within half an hour, 1 hour exclusion fault, major fault 8 hours to resolve, so that the device can be used normally .

The company's service system is the creation of autonomous service system to adapt to a domestic sanitation products and services characteristics and requirements, which guarantees every product, service agents who are assigned to provide full and comprehensive tracking service. Not only the service undergo a rigorous technical training and assessment, the holder services, and each product sold are given designated service agent, at the same time allowing users to have high-quality products, but also enjoy a high level of service. Allows users to truly understand the "buy rest assured that with satisfaction."

YuanDa Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltdambitious free 24-hour hotline service personnel:“0318-6116876”